Campaign signs vandalized with racist stickers in St. Cloud

ST. CLOUD, Fla. — Donald Trump signs are being vandalized at the St. Cloud early voting site.

St. Cloud police told Channel 9's Field Sutton that they are investigating several political signs that were damaged.

Anti-Trump signs and stickers have also been placed on other candidates’ signs. Some poll watchers and candidates told Eyewitness News that the stickers included what appears to be a Nazi symbol.

"It's definitely a hate sticker, in the form to look like a swastika," said Fred Hawkins Jr., Osceola County commissioner for District 5.

Hawkins wondered whether registered Republicans were targeted alongside signs for Trump and Sen. Marco Rubio.

Each sticker includes the "T" in Donald Trump's name duplicated four times to form a symbol resembling a swastika. The symbol included the phrase "Make America Hate Again" and "Make America Great Again."

Police removed the stickers from the signs.

"No matter what side you're on, it's absolutely bad," said poll watcher Betty Scowden.

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Candidate for St. Cloud City Council Seat 3 Amanda Taormino had her signs vandalized. She sent Eyewitness News a statement Monday afternoon: "Early this morning, one of my campaign volunteers discovered anti-Trump stickers and signs that resembled swastikas placed around the St. Cloud Civic Center polling location. My campaign signs were one of those that were targeted. Not only do I find this symbol highly offensive as a Jewish individual, I find it absolutely juvenile that people are exhibiting this type of behavior.

"It is a shame that our national and local elections have stooped to a low such as this. I have not, nor will I, be endorsing any presidential candidate for the national election, as I am solely focused on the local issues. Over the last few days, my signs have been defaced, stolen and moved around to different locations.

"I have been running, and will continue to run, a clean campaign that is focused on improving the quality of life for the citizens of St. Cloud. I encourage anyone who may have information about the individual or individuals responsible for this to contact the local authorities so we can bring them to justice. Thank you."

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Posted by Field Sutton on Monday, October 31, 2016