Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? Yes, it's coming to SeaWorld!

We can tell you how to get to "Sesame Street": It’s coming soon to Orlando!

ORLANDO, Fla. — Channel 9 reporter Q McCray got a behind-the-scenes tour Tuesday of Sesame Street at SeaWorld. Sesame Street at SeaWorld is under construction and is set to open in the spring or early summer.

“Explore the iconic neighborhood as you walk through Abby Cadabby's garden, visit Mr. Hooper's store, stop by Big Bird's nest, sit on the famous 123 stoop and meet your favorite friends from Sesame Street including Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird,” according to SeaWorld’s website.


Soon, guests will be able to explore 123 Sesame Street, where Bert and Ernie and Big Bird live. The iconic yellow bird will be sharing story time with children throughout the day.
"You can actually walk down Sesame Street,” Amanda Trauger with SeaWorld Orlando said. “It's going to be a really big family moment happening this year."

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The theme park's website also said "Sesame Street" land will bring SeaWorld Orlando’s “first-ever parade.”
"What SeaWorld is also known for is also that family moment you can get. It's taking home that moment and that memory," Trauger said. “If a family comes to SeaWorld, all of this is included in the ticket."
The new land will have a play area for young children and a handful of rides based on the "Sesame Street" characters.
“The immersive area will feature exciting rides, wet and dry play areas and interactive experiences designed to entertain your entire family,” according to the website.

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With the announcement that animal shows are ending, SeaWorld might be moving past the “Blackfish” controversy and moving forward with more rides, attractions and events.  
Still, park officials said they remain focused on animals, with themed attractions, education and conservation.  

Background and revenue:

- In 2006, an orca named Tilikum attacked and killed its trainer, Dawn Brancheau.  
- PETA's Blackfish documentary in 2013 highlighted the tragedy and sparked 2014's SeaWorld 
Boycott campaign.
- Attendance took a dive.
- However, with the recent changes, the theme park has made a comeback.
- According to its latest third-quarter earnings report, park attendance increased by 1.4 million    from the first nine months of 2017.
- Its total revenue is up too, raking in $94.4 million.