• Cape Canaveral code enforcement said apartment conditions unlivable


    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Residents of a Brevard County apartment complex told Channel 9 they’re dealing with a roach infestation and mold.

    The notice of violation is not the first for the property manager of the Palm East Apartments off North Atlantic Avenue.

    Eyewitness News found 10 notices of violation that the property manager received in nine years for the apartments and others he manages. They include bug infestations and mold.

    “Within five minutes of being in the apartment your eyes would be on fire, your throat would be clammy and you'd start coughing up mucus,” resident Mathew Beber said.

    Beber said that when management wouldn’t help, he called an independent air specialist who confirmed mold was making his apartment unlivable.

    “The mold I found under the vanity and in the closet was minimal compared to what's in the walls. (The specialist) said the only solution would be to vacate the premises and terminate the lease,” Beber said.

    The notice of violation from Cape Canaveral code enforcement said “it was evident to the senses that mold was present.”

    Beber’s mother, Pam Beber, said she believes mold is in her apartment too, which is in the same complex. She said neighbors are finding it also, but fear coming forward.

    “I would like to see them fix the apartments for everybody here that is suffering from it, without having to fear getting kicked out because there's mold or bugs in their place,” Pam said.

    The latest notice from code enforcement is still open and the property manager has until July 4 to come into compliance.

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