• Jury selection continues for man accused of shooting 15-year-old girl


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Jury selection is under way Monday for a man accused of shooting an innocent teenager in Pine Hills last year.

    Danielle Sampson’s family was caught in the crossfire of a shootout as they were leaving church in July.

    Police said the 19-year-old Tyrone Mosby was one of several people who had just burglarized a home and were shooting at the homeowner as they ran away.

    Sampson, 15, was riding in the family van when she was struck in the head by a stray bullet, authorities said.

    Prior to court, members of Sampson's support group said they thought they'd seen a friend of Mosby’s lurking outside the courthouse.

    But the Orange County Sheriff's Office said there was never any danger to Sampson or her family.

    Sampson's family has been very protective of her from the beginning, and her condition makes it difficult to get her around.  But her mother told Channel 9 she wanted Danielle to be at the trial so jurors and the defendant can see how much their lives have changed.

    Almost one year later, Danielle still suffers from severe brain trauma and needs constant care.

    "It's important for Mr. Mosby to see what he's done," said Natalie Jackson, the family’s attorney.

    Mosby sat in court through the slow process of picking the jury that will decide his fate. During jury selection, Danielle sat with her parents in a small room near the courtroom.

    Outside the courthouse, Jackson spoke on the family’s behalf.  Jackson has joined "Hope for Danielle," a group that formed shortly after the shooting to support Danielle’s family. 

    The shooting has taken its toll financially on Danielle’s parents. The family even had to use public transportation to bring Danielle in her wheelchair to the courthouse because they don't have the money to replace the van they were riding in when Danielle was shot.

    As jury selection continues, out of 50 potential jurors, more than 26 said they have heard about the case already.

    The trial was scheduled to begin last week but was delayed because Danielle’s father was out of the country.

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    Jury selection continues for man accused of shooting 15-year-old girl