• Casey Anthony defamation lawsuits won't proceed in Orange County


    TAMPA, Fla. - Five months after she filed for bankruptcy, Casey Anthony's money problems have not gone away, but she did have a small victory in federal court on Tuesday.

    Attorneys for Anthony were in Tampa, fighting two civil lawsuits against her.  Anthony is being sued by Zenaida Gonzalez and Roy Kronk for defamation.

    The judge ruled Tuesday that Anthony’s two defamation suits will not proceed in Orange County. Rather, they will be decided in federal court in concert with her bankruptcy proceedings.

    Anthony claimed a nanny with the same name as Gonzalez kidnapped her daughter, Caylee, in 2008, and that Kronk was responsible for the toddler's murder, as her criminal lawyers once claimed.

    The judge said Anthony is "destitute," with no income or assets, therefore she wouldn't be able to pay if she was found guilty.

    Attorneys for Kronk and Gonzalez now have 21 days to file their defamation claims in federal court if they would like to move forward, which is likely to happen, Channel 9's Anthony DiLorenzo reported.

    There was no decision made on turning over Anthony’s laptop, which could hold information about her life story or hidden assets.

    A decision has been continued until August.

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