• Casey Anthony's bankruptcy case featured on Central Florida Spotlight


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - The case against Casey Anthony has turned from a murder case to a civil case and now to a bankruptcy case.

    This week, Anthony was in a Tampa federal courtroom for a meeting with creditors. Her computer has become a central part of her bankruptcy issue.

    Anthony has been seen in video clips from her computer. Her creditors want to know, if she bought that computer or if it was given to her.

    "I asked her if she owned a computer and there's a reason I wanted to start with that because she didn't list a computer and I didn't think she would be thinking about that, and her answer was, 'Yes,'" said attorney Scott Shuker.

    Zenaida Gonzalez is involved in a civil suit with Anthony. Shuker believes that whatever is on that computer is valuable to sell off. He said it would provide curious Anthony observers with a look at her life since her acquittal. Shuker said he thinks that would mean a lot of money for Anthony, perhaps even millions of dollars.

    "We want to see what's there; her story, her emails. What can be sold that may be distasteful?" said Shuker.

    Anthony's attorney said the computer came from her legal team and that it belongs to the team.

    As for a story to sell, and maybe use to pay off creditors, that hasn't happened.

    "No agreements there. No winks and nods that we are going to do this after this is done," said Anthony attorney Charles Greene.

    Greg Warmoth talks with attorneys from both sides and with a bankruptcy expert who explains why he thinks Anthony will have a victory in court. Those conversations are in this week's Central Florida Spotlight at 12:30 p.m. on WFTV Channel 9.

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