• Cast members sign tallest beam at Disney's upcoming 'Star Wars' attraction

    By: Jamie Holmes


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Disney pulled back the curtain just a bit Tuesday to give Channel 9 an exclusive sneak peek of the new "Star Wars" land.


    Cast members christened what will become the tallest point in the new attraction.


    It may just be a steel beam, but to cast members it will be a high point of working at Hollywood Studios.


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    Nearly 4,000 cast members spent three days in the hot sun, signing what will become the tallest point of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.


    The beam will be tucked beneath a faux rock skin, but it will carry a piece of Disney history for many of the cast members.


    Christopher DeGeorge met his wife at Star Tours, and even wears a "Star Wars" wedding band.


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    "It was also where I happened to meet my wife, so of course for our wedding we needed to have elements of 'Star Wars,'” he said.


    Channel 9’s Jamie Holmes was allowed backstage to see what Disney is doing with the highly anticipated Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.


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    There was no talk of financial expectations for when it opens in 2019, but last year's "Star Wars" convention in Orlando had nothing to do with Disney and it still pulled in $40 million in three days and attracted more than 100,000 people.


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    For Imagineers, the big turnout for a metal beam signing is proof of the heavy expectations on them.


    "Our goal as Imagineers, this is something that really goes back to the Walt days in 1955 when we opened Disneyland, is storytelling," said Imagineer Diego Parras.


    When it comes to tourism numbers, Disney is confident the park will put Orlando in another galaxy.


    Hollywood Studios is also hosting several events to give fans a behind the scenes look at the attraction.


    On Dec. 16, guests can get tickets for a special panel of Disney Imagineers and members of Lucasfilm, who will reveal details.

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