Central Florida connections found in Penn State Sandusky child rape scandal

ORLANDO, Fla.,None — Former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky wrote a book about his life, and in the pages were mentions of trips he took to Central Florida with his family, including an adopted son who accused him of abuse.

WFTV's Josh Benson found out about trips  Sandusky made to Orlando, and heard from family members of the victims.

The mother of one of the boys allegedly molested by Sandusky told ABC that her son was just 11 years old when he first met Sandusky at the coach's Second Mile Foundation.

In the grand jury indictment, the boy referred to by authorities as "victim one" was spending time with Sandusky every weekend in 2007, and was abused.

"He needs to be put away. He needs to be put away for long time," his mother said.

Police in San Antonio, Texas are checking on whether Sandusky abused a young boy he took with him to the Alamo Bowl in 1999.

WFTV discovered Sandusky visited the Citrus Bowl and Walt Disney World with his family. The visits were detailed in his book, "Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story."

Sandusky wrote about the visits with his family, including his son Matt -- the boy Sandusky adopted from the Second Mile Foundation, who made the first allegations of abuse in 1995.

He wrote on page 101, "He was also able to go to a bowl game with us. It was the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida. On page 105: "There was a time when all the kids wanted to go to Walt Disney World in Orlando."

He wrote more about Matt and troubles he had with him:

"He would stand off in the corner somewhere and watch as I would be wrestling with other kids. He was an instant challenge for me," Sandusky wrote.

Matt's adoption file contained letters of concern from his mother Debra Long. She and Matt testified before the grand jury.

WFTV checked with local authorities regarding any local criminal complaints involving Sandusky, but none were found.

Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary, a key witness in the scandal, has been put on administrative leave as a result of threats made against him.