• Charges dropped against 2 members of alleged white supremacist group


    OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. - Charges were dropped against two more people Monday accused of participating in paramilitary activity with alleged white supremacist group, American Front.

    WFTV found Patricia Faella and Dylan Rettenmaier no longer face charges after they were arrested in Osceola County, along with 11 others last May.

    The group was accused of military-style training in preparation for a race war, and investigators said they also believed the group planned an attack on City Hall.

    The judge made the ruling just before the two were to go to trial. No explanation was given as to why the charges were dropped.

    Authorities said they consider American Front a domestic terrorist group, which they believe was led by Patricia and her husband, Marcus Faella.

    WFTV obtained undercover video shot by an FBI informant, who was paid $40,000 to infiltrate the group.

    The video shows members of the American Front firing guns and making racially charged statements, but Channel 9 saw no illegal activity in the video.

    On Monday, the lawyer representing Patricia Faella told WFTV there was no evidence anywhere of illegal activity.

    So far, charges against 10 of the 13 defendants have been dropped. Two pleaded no contest and received probation, and another who was a convicted felon, is in prison for three years on charges of having a firearm.

    Defense attorneys said the two-year investigation started to unravel after the confidential FBI informant was questioned under oath for the first time.

    Marcus Faella’s trial is tentatively set for May 6, but his attorney hopes he, too, will walk.

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    Charges dropped against 2 members of alleged white supremacist group