• Charges filed after alleged attack on pregnant Sanford woman


    SANFORD, Fla. - Twelve people were arrested after a pregnant woman said she was brutally attacked by the group in Sanford on Sunday.

    Police said the youngest suspect is 12 years old.

    The alleged beating was on Daffodil Terrace in the Midway neighborhood.

    On Monday, a grandmother of two of the teens who were arrested had to appear as their guardian because their mother was also arrested for the crime.

    Willie Jones Sr. walked out of juvenile court Monday after two of his sons, Jonathan, 12, and Willie, 14, were told they couldn't come home for 21 days.

    Along with another set of siblings, Devonte Ford, 15, and Shakera Ford, 16, they're the youngest of the 12 people accused of beating up their pregnant neighbor Ashley Flournoy.

    "Just a mess, that's all. Drama," said Willie Jones, Sr.

    "Do you think it got out of hand this weekend, or do you think they didn't do anything wrong?" WFTV reporter Karla Ray asked Jones.

    "I think it will be handled in court," he said.

    Neighbors on the street but told us the people in nearby homes are always feuding.

    "This goes on all the time, ma'am, and I have young kids and I'm sick of it," said one person during a call to 911.

    One caller to 911 said there may have been a gun pulled out at one point.

    "They was beating this lady up under the vehicle. Men and all," said a 911 caller.

    "It was a male versus female?" the dispatcher asked.

    "Yes," the caller said.

    All but one adult accused in the case bonded out of jail early Monday.

    None of the juveniles will be able to come home before March 2.

    WFTV has learned that the Flournoy is doing fine.


    Also taken into custody were:

    Harry Roberts , 42

    Lasheena Thomas, 28

    Quentin Herring , 29

    Javaress Barnes , 24

    Arshala Ford , 25

    Jarvis Young, 20

    Lareian Kennedy , 18

    Four minors, ages 12, 14, 15 and 16, were also taken into custody.

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