• Charlie Crist talks pot with Channel 9's Greg Warmoth


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - The road to the Governor’s Mansion is not a typical political fight.
    Thanks to the addition of Amendment 2, both major candidates have had to lay out their feelings about medical marijuana.
    Channel 9’s Greg Warmoth sat down with Democratic candidate Charlie Crist, who said medical pot should pass.
    “You know, I think it’s just a compassionate thing to do,” Crist said.
    Crist has changed parties and changed stances on gay marriage, abortion and medical marijuana.  
    He said he will vote yes on Amendment 2.
    “I do support it,” Crist said. “Rick Scott opposes it; I don't know what else to tell you.”
    Critics think medical marijuana was pushed onto the ballot by Attorney John Morgan as a way to get liberal thinking voters to show up to the polls.
    Crist, who works for Morgan, scoffs at that idea, but not his relationship.
    “It's not a bad combination; I'm glad to be affiliated with John,” Crist said.
    And like Morgan, Crist said he is for medical marijuana, but would never be behind it being approved for recreational use.
    “Other states have done, that's a fair question,” he told Channel 9’s Warmoth. “I do believe it will pass because it’s compassionate, by a licensed physician.”
    Crist said he thinks the amendment will pass and that he will beat Scott.
    If those two things happen, he said it would be a huge governmental undertaking to implement how licenses, dispensaries and the business are regulated.
    See the rest of Greg’s interview with Crist Saturday afternoon at 12:30, right after Eyewitness News at Noon on Channel 9.
    Channel 9 has extended multiple invitations to Scott to also appear on Central Florida Spotlight, but they have told us they will get back with us.

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