Chief concerned about Sanford PD uniforms used in independent film

SANFORD, Fla. — The Sanford police chief launched an investigation to figure out how the department's police uniforms and a cruiser ended up as props in the horror movie "Last Shift."

The independent film about a rookie cop assigned to the last shift at the police station where a cult leader committed suicide was shot inside the former Sanford police station.

The film's producer said he got permission to borrow the equipment, but Sanford Police Chief Cecil Smith said the city only allowed a shot of the cruiser, not the uniforms.

"And it's our responsibility to, as good stewards, to ensure that we're doing our best to ensure that the, the name of the city of Sanford, the Sanford Police Department, is held within high standards," Smith said.

The chief is launching an administrative review.

Channel 9's Tim Barber asked Smith if the department knew what the movie was about when it agreed to provide a cruiser for one of the shots.

"To the best of my knowledge, Tim, we were not completely informed on what the video or movie was going to be about," Smith said.

An independent production company made the movie on a $150,000 budget and shot it in 10 days.

The producers said they have emails from the chief's staff that prove the department signed off on everything, but the department said it is interviewing everyone to get to the bottom of it.

"It's important for us just to make sure that all things were done properly, and I just want to make sure of that," Smith said.

The movie comes out on DVD next month.