• Chihuahua found in trash in Lake County gets new home


    LAKE COUNTY, Fla. - Lake County investigators believe someone tried to throw away an aging Chihuahua  in the Lake Mack community last weekend.

    WFTV's Berndt Petersen has learned that dozens of residents came forward to adopt the dog, who has been named Queenie.

    Now, the Queenie has a new home.

    "We will be absolutely positive that it's a great home," said Barbara Rodriguez.

    Rodriguez runs a pet rescue group and said she found the Chihuahua an owner just a few days after the 13-year-old dog was discovered closed up in a cage and in a trash bin.

    "It's shocking that someone would do it.  It's not isolated.  It does happen.  More often than you'd like to believe," said Master Deputy Cathy Griggs with the Lake County Sheriff's Office.

    Whoever put the dog in the trash has not been found.

    County Animal Services director Marjie Boyd said she can't believe the dog wasn't brought to her facility. 

    Animals can even be dropped off at all hours of the night; there are several cages outside the building to place them in. The facility is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

    After the dog was rescued, she was taken to Animal Services. During the few days the dog was there, she saw a vet and got her shots and a bath.  

    Queenie doesn't have many teeth left but is said to be in good shape.

    Boyd said that after the public learned about the dog, Animal Services received dozens of calls from people who wanted to adopt. 

    Rodriguez said the family selected to take Queenie is a good one.

    "We do home visits. We go and check out the home to make sure it's what they say it is," said Rodriguez.

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    Chihuahua found in trash in Lake County gets new home