• Clermont to make changes to road being used as cut-through


    CLERMONT, Fla. - Residents in Clermont are frustrated with an increase in traffic on a popular road because it was previously used as a detour.

    Drivers were using Lakeshore Drive as a cut through during construction at the intersection of U.S. 27 and S.R. 50. But residents say after the construction ended, weekly traffic on Lakeshore Drive actually increased.

    "It's a very pleasant road. It's a local road and that was the issue. People were using it as a connector and basically abusing a beautiful road," said Jim Hitt, with the city of Clermont.

    Now the city has a plan to decrease the flow of traffic on Lakeshore Drive.

    "We were getting lots of complaints for speed. People were mowing their lawns and if they stepped out on the road they were that far from getting hit," said Hitt.

    Four new stop signs and a lower speed limit, 25 miles per hour instead of 30, will be implemented by the city.

    "The idea is if we delay the progress of people that are using it for cut through enough, they're going to stop using it and use the roads that are designed to be used as a connector, which is 50," said Hitt.

    The changes begin later in August and it will only cost the city about $100. Because it's a county road, the county is covering part of the expense.

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    Clermont to make changes to road being used as cut-through