CO poisoning from generator at Orange County home kills 3, hospitalizes 4, officials say

Video: Suspected CO poisoning at Orange County home kills 3, hospitalizes 4, officials say

ORLANDO, Fla. — Three people died and four others were hospitalized Tuesday after suffering suspected carbon monoxide poisoning from a generator at an Orange County home, officials said.

Desiree Diaz Molina, Kiara Lebroz Diaz, 16, Jan Lebron Diaz, 13, died from carbon monoxide poisoning. Louis Lebron Diaz, Mirta Feliciano, 51, Karis Colon-Feliciano, 16, Evette Diaz, 37 are all recovering in the hospital.

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The incident happened just after 5 p.m. at a residence in the area of Lee Road and Eggleston Avenue, officials said.

A child inside the home called 911, the Orange County Sheriff's Office said.

The first deputy to arrive at the home was immediately overwhelmed by fumes, the Sheriff's Office said.

Orange County Fire Rescue arrived several minutes later and reported finding an adult and child dead inside, investigators said.

Another person, who was able to get out of the house, collapsed outside and died, deputies said.

Desiree Diaz Molina is the mother of Jan Debron Diaz, Kiara LeBron Diaz and Louis Lebron Diaz.

Evette Diaz is related to the deceased individuals.

Karis Colon-Feliciano and Mirta Feliciano are family friends from Puerto Rico.

Four other people at the home were taken to Florida Hospital South in serious condition.

Deputies said the generator was found in the garage, which had been converted as an extension of the home. The generator was powering a refrigerator, a standalone freezer and two fans.




"It's too early to confirm what happened, but we do believe there was a running generator at some point during the night, or during the day, inside the residence," Sheriff's Office spokesman Jeff Williamson said. "If the sad meter is 1 to 10, this is an 11."

Neighbor Maria Tuzzeo was devastated by the deaths.

Tuzzeo said she often saw the children, whom she said were adorable, playing outside.

"You know these people. You know them," she said. "They're from your neighborhood. You know how bad it is. You're brought up with the kids. They go swimming at the pool. It's just so sad."

The deputy who was overcome by fumes at the home was treated at the scene and is expected to make a full recovery.