• Father, daughter swim to shore, walk 5 miles after boat capsizes on Indian River


    ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla. - A father and daughter were found safe Friday after swimming to shore and walking 5 miles after their boat capsized on the Indian River near Titusville.

    Wallace Schroder, 53, and his 10-year-old daughter were found walking along NASA Causeway about 5:30 a.m. Friday, authorities said. The pair flagged down a driver, who called for help.

    Schroder said their boat capsized late Thursday night after they left the Parrish Park ramp, and they had to hold onto the boat as it floated. He said his daughter had a life vest and they swam to shore.

    Florida Fish and Wildlife, the Coast Guard and Brevard County Sheriff's Office deputies searched through the night, but were unable to locate the pair.

    Officials said the two eventually swam to shore and then walked about 5 miles before spotting the driver.

    "Grateful. Grateful to whoever, God you have, I'm grateful to my God," said Schroder. "A good citizen who saw me, flagged him down and let me use his cellphone. A very good man."

    Officials said they think the boat tipped due to a combination of high winds and crashing waves.

    "It got pretty cool last night and you're also fighting the current and the wind," said Lenny Salberg of Florida Fish and Wildlife. "When you have a vessel that's capsizing, going under so quick, you really don't have time to grab anything."

    The daughter is being treated for dehydration. Schroder is doing OK.

    "I'm still bobbing, but I'm doing fine," said Schroder. "I'll try to be a little bit more careful next time."

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    Father, daughter swim to shore, walk 5 miles after boat capsizes on Indian River