Company that caused backlog in SunPass transactions keeps contract with Florida

The company that left Sun-pass customers scrambling is keeping its contract with the state

The company that left SunPass customers scrambling to figure out where their money went last summer will get to keep its contract with the state of Florida.

Issues first arose with Conduent in June 2018 when the comapny's crews were tasked with upgrading the SunPass system in six days.

The upgrade instead took over two months and caused a massive backlog of toll transactions. Customers said they incurred bank overdraft fees when the transactions finally began to show up.

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The state claims Conduent has already been punished enough for inconveniencing drivers.

Some drivers said they want the company gone.

"I think, number one, they should eliminate the company," said Julissa Ramos. "Number one."

Some drivers, including Ramos, believe losing $12 million on Conduent's near $350 million contract seems like a slap on the wrist.

"I think that's unfair," Ramos said. "They should be eliminated and have somebody else who's more responsible."

The Florida Department of Transportation said it will allow Conduent to operate its new system.

FDOT said it will be reinstating late fees after giving customers a pass for a year.