• Confederate flag removed from Marion County government complex


    MARION COUNTY, Fla. - The debate over the Confederate flag has been getting a lot of attention across the country.

    The flag has been taken down in some areas in response to the mass shooting that happened at a South Carolina church.

    Eyewitness News learned that a Confederate flag was removed from the front of a Marion County government complex. Now some residents are upset that they weren't aware of the decision.

    "I don't think our southern flag has anything to do with racism," resident Robin Raines said.

    The flag was taken down from the fallen officers memorial in front of the McPherson Governmental Complex in Ocala. A Marion County flag is now flying in its place.

    Interim county administrator Bill Kauffman decided to have the flag taken down last week following the growing national movement to remove Confederate flags.

    "You can't blame a flag, the person who does things wrong you blame. If a rock falls on someone's head, you don't blame the rock," Raines said.

    Residents are surprised that Kauffman made the decision without getting input from the public.

    "I think there should have been a vote on it," Raines said.

    Some other residents are glad to see the flag gone.

    "We think it's about time. It should have been down a long time ago. This is government property and it should represent all the people," resident Stanley Taylor.

    County officials said so far there are no plans to bring back the Confederate flag.

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