Construction worker crushed by paving machine in Orange City, police say

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. — A construction worker was killed Tuesday after being crushed by a paving machine in Orange City, police said.

Police believe the worker fell off the machine and it ran over him.

Police said the incident happened while the man was paving the parking lot of a medical office on the 900 block of Harley Strickland Boulevard in Orange City.

Other constructions workers saw what happened and used another machine to lift the paving machine off the man, but it wasn’t strong enough.

Rescue crews eventually had to bring in some heavy machinery to move the equipment.

Police said the victim, 72-year-old Ulysses Tolbert of Deltona, had about three decades of experience on the job.

They don't know why he fell off, or whether he had any sort of medical episode.

It’s also unclear if the equipment had any safety features that should have made it stop sooner.

A police spokesman said officers are treating this as a death investigation.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration officials will investigate.