• Consultant suggests Oviedo lose its 'chicken' image


    OVIEDO, Fla. - The city of Oviedo has hired an Orlando consulting firm to change its image as city leaders say it's time to re-brand because logos throughout town are inconsistent.

    The image update is part of an overall shift in recent years to revamp the city, but Channel 9's Karla Ray found out some residents are worried the look of the town is getting too far away from its historic roots.

    A paid consultant's concept recommended Oviedo getting rid of the chicken that adorns its signs, WFTV has learned.

    The consultant was paid $10,000 and offered two sleek branding options, but both options were sent back. Though the city has striven for years to be more modern, the mayor said the consultant's options went too far.

    "The council does not want to get away from the history and the roots of the city. That's very important to us," said Mayor Dominic Persampiere.

    Oviedo's resident chickens can be found throughout the city's historic downtown. At the city's newest development, Oviedo On The Park, there are even plans for chicken boats on the lake, similar to the swan boats on Lake Eola, so the mayor said he's open to having signage that gives a nod to the city's history.

    "It's who we are, whether that'll end up in the logo or not, I can't say, but we certainly want the history and the elements and the essence of Oviedo," said Persampiere.

    In Oviedo, chickens are everywhere from bumper stickers to coffee cups and even fast-food restaurants.

    Resident Katie Starr Harrell said she thinks of chickens when she thinks of Oviedo.

    Resident Harold David reiterated the thought.

    "The chickens, of course," he said.

    There's even a chicken to welcome visitors and residents as they enter town.

    Right now, the city's logos are different in every department. Residents hope the new designs don't ditch the bird.

    "We couldn't do that," said Davis. "That would not be a good thing. It's tradition. It's like taking the stars off the American flag. We can't do that."

    The consultant will come back in a month with more options. There are no estimates on how much it will cost to change all the signage throughout the city if leaders change to a new branding concept.

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    Consultant suggests Oviedo lose its 'chicken' image