• Cops: Burglary suspect tried to drown K-9 during takedown


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Orlando police said a burglary suspect tried to drown a K-9 during a takedown on Thursday.

    The incident happened after Landon Barnes, 18, was chased away by Barbera Sills during an attempted burglary at her Chelsea Street home in Audubon Park, said investigators.

    Police said Barnes took off, hopping over fences and found a hiding spot in a densely wooded area at Druid Lake.

    "I was running after him and I almost got him," said Sills. "I said, 'What were you doing in my house?'"

    The K-9, Seabee, tracked Barnes down and went after him, but Barnes grabbed the dog's head and held it underwater three times, causing Seabee to convulse, police said.

    "The suspect was able to grab the dog and push his head underwater," said Sgt. Jim Young of the Orlando Police Department.

    Police were able to help Seabee and arrest Barnes, but the K-9 had to be rushed to an animal hospital after taking in a lot of water.

    Seabee was released Friday morning. Authorities said he is running a high fever and that he and his handler are taking a few days off.

    Barnes was taken to the hospital as well after being bitten by Seabee, police said.

    "Every day we can be assaulted -- we had an officer shot -- and most are ready to come back to work. Unfortunately, this dog will take time off to ensure he recovers," said Young.

    "I'm glad the dog could finish off what I started," said Sills. "It took all of us."

    Sills, who's been burglarized before, said she had no fear.

    "It took me, the neighborhood, the helicopters and the dog to bring him down. Bring justice," she said.

    Barnes was charged with burglary, resisting arrest and attempting to kill a police dog, which are offenses punishable by 25 years in prison, police said.

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    Cops: Burglary suspect tried to drown K-9 during takedown