Judge orders Corrine Brown to report to prison in January

DOCUMENT: Order denying Brown's motion for release during appeal

A judge has denied a motion that would keep Corrine Brown out on bond during the appeal process and ordered she report to prison in January.

A judge sentenced Brown to five years in prison and three years supervised release on Dec. 4.

In the order denying Brown's request, a judge says it is not customary for an offender such as Brown to remain free pending appeal.

Brown's attorney James Smith said he will sit down with Brown to decide the next steps.

"You have the right to appeal to higher courts and eleventh circuit is an option," Smith said. "I need to sit down with my client, go over the ruling and what her options are and then as always she makes the ultimate decision on how she wants to proceed."

The order says Brown must report to the institution designated by the Bureau of Prisons on January 29, 2018 by noon.

In May, a jury convicted Brown on 18 counts for stealing from the charity One Door for Education, filing false tax returns and other counts.

Brown's former chief of staff Ronnie Simmons was sentenced to 48 months in jail for conspiracy to commit mail/wire fraud and theft of government funds.

Carla Wiley, president of One Door for Education, was sentenced to 21 months in prison and a three-year supervised release for her part in Brown's fraud case.