• County hopes new speed signs will slow down drivers


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Orange County officials are looking into different ways to get drivers to slow down in school zones and busy traffic areas.

    The Public Works Department wants to put new speed radar signs at dozens of locations around the county, including one at Gatlin Avenue and Bumby Avenue.

    "They come through over here and they go into that barrier right there," resident Buck Mosely said.

    Mosely has lost count of how many times drivers have crashed after midjudging the 90-degree turn at the corner of Gatlin Avenue and Bumby Avenue.

    The intersection is just one of two dozen locations the county is looking at for the new signs. Public works officials will have to convince commissioners the signs are worth spending up to $1 million in the first year.

    The county used to have a lot more of the speed signs, and although many of them malfunctioned, officials said they want them back. Steve Ball said one that was near his house was placed poorly and this time he wants them to be installed right.

    "I think they'll be more effective if they are properly placed and they are put in conjunction with a speed hump. I think that's the only way you are going to really slow everyone down," Ball said.

    The Public Works Department will present its plan to the County Commission on Monday.

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    County hopes new speed signs will slow down drivers