• Couple 1st homecoming king, queen with Down syndrome to win title in Fla.


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Couple with Down syndrome crowned king, queen of West Orange homecoming court

    West Orange High School announced its homecoming king and queen Friday.

    Semone Adkins and Trazjuan "Bubba" Hunter are not average West Orange Warriors on the homecoming court – they're a step above.

    It's the first time two students with Down syndrome were awarded the high honor in Florida, officials with the Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida said.

    They knew how to make an entrance. Adkins and Hunter rolled in on a black Maserati and a red Ferrari welcomed by roars from their student body at West Orange High School.

    The two went all out, wearing a gorgeous gown and spiffy tuxedo as they prepared for the announcement. Students and teachers at the school said Adkins and Hunter are popular among their peers, and winning the titles of homecoming king and queen makes the school proud.

    "It's breathtaking to watch," said teacher Jim Mattingly. "They have come a long way. I couldn't be more proud of our school and our staff."

    The couple received a standing ovation during Monday night's homecoming court talent show. Both families were there, showing a tremendous amount of emotion for their children, officials said.
    The two were voted in by their classmates.

    As the two donned their sashes and crowns, Hunter with his Superman pose and Adkins posing for her pictures, Principal Douglas Szcinski waited for his turn to share the limelight.

    "They give hugs to everybody and I want mine," Szcinski said.

    The couple's support from classmates warms the hearts of their mothers.

    "I am so happy. Words cannot express what I am feeling right now. I am so proud of him.," Hunter's mother Janice Morgan said. "We love you guys."

    "She is a beautiful girl. Not just outside but inside also," Karen McNeil, Adkin's mother, said.

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