• Crews micro-clean Apopka school after deteriorating conditions reported


    APOPKA, Fla. - Cleaning crews wrapped up Wednesday at Wheatley Elementary School after deteriorating conditions were reported in February.

    The two-day micro-cleaning was aimed at improving air quality in the school, officials said.         

    Hallways outside of Wheatley Elementary School’s classrooms were filled with ladders and buckets this week.

    “The goal of a micro-clean is to collect and remove all of the ultrafine particles within a structure,” said John Lopotaire of Indoor Quality Air Solutions.

    Lopotaire did not handle the job, but said micro-cleans can be used in any environment to improve breathing conditions.

    In February, WFTV released photos of rodent droppings, rusted metal and termites crawling inside the school.

    The process involves many steps, including using a Swiffer-like cloth to pick up particles on the walls and ceiling.

    The surface is then cleaned with a commercial-grade vacuum, and then wiped down with a chemical-free solution, before finally being vacuumed again.

    Records show staff at Wheatley have complained of feeling sick for several years.

    Lopotaire said the removal of dust and mold particles will make it easier for teachers and students to breathe inside the school.

    “It reduces the amount of asthma triggers and allergens in the environment, so it does make it a healthier place to be,” said Lopotaire.

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