Dashcam video shows officers chasing pregnant suspected carjacker

ORLANDO, Fla. — Dashcam video shows a dangerous situation between Orlando police officers and a pregnant suspected armed carjacker along South Street.
Video shows the officers shooting at Danielle Evans as she tries to drive away. Officers chased Evans into a parking lot, where she was blocked in.
Officers said Evans, 35, tried to get out one way and splintered a pole before backing up toward an officer who was standing behind her car. She then tried to squeeze between a shed and a building, officers said.
Officers said they got out of their cars, but Evans continued to change direction and charged toward an officer who was pinned without anywhere to take cover, and officers shot at her.
Officials said Evans got stuck and tried to flee on foot, but was caught. Authorities said she was shot in the left arm.
Officers said Evans rammed a carjacked Dodge Caliber into one of the patrol cars chasing her. A man in the car with hersaid he begged her to stop, but he said she refused because she was "not going to jail."
Evans was 5 months' pregnant at the time of the incident.
Evans is being held on no bond. Her attorney asked for her release because she is now 8½ months' pregnant and wants to have her baby in the hospital. She has four other children.
In the month leading to her capture, Evans is accused of stealing liquor and cigarettes from six local stores. She faces charges of carjacking and trying to kill a police officer.