• Daytona Beach Police Chief talks about his Bike Week fight


    SOUTH DAYTONA, Fla. - Channel 9 sat down to talk with Daytona Beach Police Chief Mike Chitwood about being attacked during Bike Week.

    Chitwood said he will continue to back his officers up on the streets, especially during Bike Week where, he said, 99 percent of the people come to have fun -- except for the man he fought to the ground.

    The chaos on Main Street was captured on cellphone video by a Channel 9 viewer.

    Police tried to get Michael Dangelo under control moments after he bit Chitwood. Chitwood, who was on foot patrol, said he knew Dangelo was trouble before the scuffle.

    "Dangelo steps out of the crowd and you know, it was like Sesame Street, 'One of these things just doesn't belong here,' and by looking at him I could tell this was not a conversation that was going to go well."

    According to the Chitwood, Dangelo said he read the Constitution and claimed he has the right to kill cops.

    "I realized nobody was home and I said, 'You know what, have a nice day.' I took two steps away from him and I heard people in the crowd say, 'He just spit on that cop's back,"' said Chitwood.

    Chitwood said, when he tried to arrest him, Dangelo bit down on the Chitwood's finger and wouldn't let go.

    "It seemed that the harder I hit him, and the more commands I gave him, the harder -- he was not going to let go," said Chitwood.

    The two fell to the ground and the chief cut his head on a parked motorcycle.

    Bystanders and officers came to help.

    Dangelo finally let go. The chief suffered four broken bones in his hand from hitting Dangelo, but he said that won't keep him from patrolling the streets.

    "I am no better than any of my officers or any cop. I am a cop just like every other cop in this state is and there are certain things that you have to do," said Chitwood.

    Chitwood also needed four stitches in the head.

    Dangelo lost some teeth and suffered a broken jaw.


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