Daytona Beach residents tired of dealing with flooded homes, roads after heavy rain

Constant flooding, no fixes in sight for Daytona Beach homeowners

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — Some Daytona Beach homeowners said they know why their homes keep flooding, but no one will fix it.

Residents said they are tired of dealing with flooded roads every time heavy rain hits the area.

Ken Staller did not know he would have a waterfront view when he moved into his Daytona Beach home on Caroline Street two years ago.

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"I now have my own lake in the backyard," Staller said.

Staller's home sits in one of the city's poorest neighborhoods, and he said it floods any time there is heavy rain.

"If we get anything worse than what was yesterday, it will be in my house," Staller said.

Another neighbor was seen pumping the water out of her drive way when Channel 9 reporter Michael Springer stopped by.

"It came in through the front door and through the garage door. It seeps under the garage door and if we put the sandbags down it still wouldn't have helped," said Jackie Mills.

In a tweet, the city blamed the flooding on debris in the state-managed Nova Canal.

The Florida Department of Transportation said the combination of heavy rain, high tide and debris caused the issue.

Officials claim a contractor checks the canal daily and its crews check it weekly, but neighbors said it's nowhere near enough.

"I'm not going to move out all that money out and all that effort in for them to neglect what they should be doing. It's ridiculous," Staller said.