DCF investigates day care on claims workers gave children melatonin

DELTONA, Fla. — A local day care is under investigation by the state for allegedly giving children melatonin to make them sleep.

The Department of Children and Families is looking into that along with other accusations against Kidz Connection day care in Deltona.

A woman said it all started because of a disgruntled employee, but another mother became concerned last year, questioning why her son had no trouble sleeping at day care but didn’t nap at home.

DCF had two teams at the Deltona day care on Monday to investigate the claims.

One team will look into how the facility is run, another is checking on child welfare, an investigation that typically happens with neglect and abuse allegations.

A tip was reported to DCF that the day care was full of cockroaches, negligent child supervision and that children were given melatonin at nap time.

Kids Connection’s inspections all came back in compliance except for one finding in 2014, when DCF notes bottles and sippy cups were not labeled.

DCF will speak to parents during the investigation.

By law, DCF has 60 days to determine if anything is wrong with the day care, and with 40 children at the facility, it may take some time.