• DEA: Orlando car dealership used to traffic cocaine


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Drug Enforcement Administration agents raided an Orlando business Tuesday afternoon.

    Nearly 20 cars were towed out of Classy One Auto Sales on Old Winter Garden Road, authorities said.

    A DEA spokeswoman said an employee, Odelin Montas, was arrested on drug charges.

    According to a 61-page criminal complaint, search warrants were issued for the business and for Montas' apartment in Orlando. The documents stated Montas and others were involved in drug trafficking and would use the dealership to store and distribute kilograms of cocaine.

    DEA agents said they recorded conversations on cellphones, and they recorded Montas saying business was good; -- referring to the business of trafficking cocaine.

    The bust stemmed from an investigation in February when the man who owns the car dealership was arrested in a cocaine trafficking case.

    Investigators said he was known to put cocaine in hidden compartments in cars and in the floor of his business.

    A friend of Montas said he knew nothing of the alleged drug deals.

    "I was in my work shop and I heard this happened and I came to see," he said.

    Investigators said in August 2013, Montas traveled to Miami with more than $146,000 and attempted to purchase 8 kilograms of cocaine. They also said he established numerous other businesses throughout Orlando, including a life insurance company, a chiropractic healing office and a real estate investment group.

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