• Dead fish spotted in Lake Dora canals

    By: Myrt Price


    TAVARES, Fla. - Residents in Tavares are reporting hundreds of fish have been found dead in the canals of Lake Dora. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission said this likely is the result of the recent cold weather the area has experienced recently, and that the low temperatures pulled oxygen out of the water and caused the fish to die.

    "Fish deaths resulting from exposure to cold have been reported statewide. Reports to the FWC Fish Kill Hotline and observations by FWC staff in the field indicate that a wide variety of freshwater and saltwater species have been affected by severe cold temperatures. We received water and fish samples and all indications pointed to cold weather-related deaths. As you know, these extended periods of unusually cold weather can kill fish outright by cold stress or make fish more susceptible to disease. Affected fish may appear lethargic and may be seen at the surface where the water may be warmer from the sun. In addition, we may be experiencing low dissolved oxygen issues at several areas due to the cloudy/rainy weather."

    - Chad Weber
    Public Information Officer Northeast Region Division of Law Enforcement  
    Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

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