• Defense argues Delores Laster didn't commit murder as woman scorned


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla.,None - Attorneys for former Orange County teacher Delores Laster tried Thursday to show that she wasn't the one who killed her husband.

    From the time Laster's husband was found dead in the garage of the couple's home on March 20, 1988, she has been the prime suspect in his murder.

    She is accused of shooting him, then making her children help move his body. She wasn't arrested for the crime until 2009.

    The defense said the body was found next to a stolen motorcycle, and that investigators knew the bike was stolen, but added that investigators never tried to determine who brought the bike to the Laster's home or if anyone came back for it.

    The defense argued that there were better motives for murder than a woman scorned. But he said the original investigators on the case didn't bother to pursue other possible leads, like the stolen motorcycle found next to Clarence Laster's lifeless body.

    The forensic evidence in the case was scant. A towel with gunpowder residue was found in the victim's home, along with trace amounts of blood.

    Originally, Laster told investigators that her husband was not home when she and the children headed out of town. But in 2009, Laster's adult children told investigators that they helped their mother move their father's body into the garage before a trip to Gainesville.

    Not only have recollections changed of what happened some 20 years ago, evidence has vanished. At some point, a pillowcase and pillow taken from the Laster's bedroom in March 2008 disappeared.

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