• DeLand High School fails health inspection


    DELAND, Fla. - Eyewitness News has learned that DeLand High School just failed a health inspection for the first time.

    Violations included roaches and dirty floors and walls.

    The Volusia County School District said that right after 250 custodians learned that the district will be replacing their jobs with custodians from a private company, custodians across the district starting calling in sick. That is starting to have an impact at schools like DeLand.

    Health inspector's photos from DeLand High School show trash stuffed in a building's fresh air intake, gum all over the walkways, dirty classroom floors, roach pesticide left out in a classroom and food waste stains splattered on walls.

    "I think it's disgusting," said DeLand high junior Adam Comeens.

    Eyewitness News reporter Lori Brown counted 51 documented problems in the health inspector's report.

    The report said inspectors found, "Roach waste, parts, and smears in classrooms and a dishwasher."  It also said they found, "Cobwebs on walkway ceilings," and wasp nests.

    "I've seen roaches in almost every single building i have classes in," said Comeens.

    Volusia County School District spokesperson Nancy Wait said when the district announced plans to privatize custodial services long-time employees began using their sick days and taking vacations.

    She said many workers had accumulated months of time off that they'll lose when the district replaces them.

    "Our staff met [Monday] morning, to address all the issues at DeLand High," said Wait.

    Grandparent John Rooney said he thinks a dirty school makes students feel undervalued.

    "Second class citizens, I would think," said Rooney.

    "This is where we are eight hours a day five days a week. It would be nice to have it cleaner," said Comeens.

    The district plans to send a temporary crew to assist at DeLand High School.

    According to the district, the head custodian has accumulated enough time off to last until the end of June.

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