• Crews start demolition of Cocoa Beach's Glass Bank


    COCOA BEACH, Fla. - The start of the demolition of Cocoa Beach’s  Glass Bank stirred up some memories for residents on Wednesday.

    “It had restaurants, Ramone’s Rainbow Room. It’s been here forever,” said resident John Stroud. “It’s a shame to see it go but it’s not structurally sound and it’s an attraction for vagrants. It’s a public nuisance.”

    In recent years, the bank has also been a source of litigation as the city of Cocoa Beach fought to raze the 1960s-era building.

    After the apparent suicide of one of the Glass Bank owners, the remaining property owners decided not to fight demolition efforts.

    Even as the building comes down, some are trying to preserve a piece of history.

    University of Central Florida researchers, who created a virtual 1960s New York World’s Fair, are now working on a 3D digital model of the  Glass Bank building.

    “A lot of people were members of the Nautilus Club. We banked at Huntington Bank. It brings back memories for me, but I’m also glad to see it gone, no doubt,” said Cocoa Beach attorney Tony Hernandez.

    City leaders estimate the demolition will be complete by mid-February.

    The total cost of demolition is estimated at $177,000.

    City Hall will place a lien on the property to recover the cost.

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