• Deposition shows testimony of strip club bartender allegedly battered by Daytona Beach commissioner


    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - WFTV obtained the deposition from the State Attorney’s Office of a strip club bartender who was allegedly battered by a Daytona Beach commissioner.

    According to Amanda Frymyer, it all started when Commissioner Carl Lentz ordered a shot of Grey Goose at Club Topic in March.

    Frymyer said Lentz gave her $4 for the shot, and she told him it costs $8.

    She said he pushed the money forward and said, “You’re going to take what the (expletive) I give you.”

    She said Lentz when on to tell her that he runs the city and there were nothing but sluts and trash working at the club.

    Frymyer said Lentz tried to come behind the bar, and grabbed the drink and threw it at another worker.

    She said she was scared Lentz would hurt her or another employee.

    Lentz, however, remembers the incident very differently.

    He told investigators he was there to talk to the owner about a real estate business and then engaged with the dancers and the bartender.

    He said he isn’t sure how the incident started.

    “My recollection was being, having a drink thrown from the bartender in my face and on my chest, and then going out the door with a bouncer aggressively following me,” Lentz said.

    Lentz was accused by witnesses of propositioning the women in the club, which he denies.

    His attorney had a second bartender who was at the club give testimony to a private investigator.

    She said there was no drink thrown at all, and it was simply an argument that she thought wasn’t that heated.

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