• Deputies: $130,000 worth of cars stolen from Seminole County dealership


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - Thieves targeted a Seminole County independent auto dealership this weekend, deputies said.

    The owner of Orlando Auto Lounge said the burglars drove away with $130,000 in vehicles and caused thousands of dollars’ worth of damage damage.

    Raz Shifrin said surveillance video shows the car thieves targeting his business.

    Photos: $130,000 worth of cars stolen in Seminole County

    He said the burglars pulled into the business and smashed the windows on several high-end vehicles, in order to get to the lock boxes.

    “That took about five seconds. Smash it twice or three times on the ground and it just opened, like it wasn’t even there,” said Shifrin.

    Over the span of three hours, the burglars drove away with six cars and trucks, valued at over $130,000, the owner said.

    Shifrin said it has crippled his business.

    “Yes, it might be insured, and yes, we might get it in about a month or two, I’m not really sure how long it’s going to take, but right now I can’t buy more vehicles because I don’t have that capital,” he said.

    Besides the stolen cars, 10 other cars were damaged as the burglars attempted to steal them, he said.

    Most of the vehicles had the windows broken and anti-theft devices triggered.

    “I really want to find my cars. There is nothing cool about stealing a vehicle,” said Shifrin.

    Authorities may have a lead in the case. One of the alleged thieves dropped a cellphone and returned to the scene a couple of times to try and find it.

    Workers found the phone and turned it over to deputies for evidence.

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