• Deputies: Group came to central Florida to steal from banks


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - WFTV has learned that a Texas man has been arrested in Orange County, accused of stealing from local banks.

    Investigators said he would trick banks into giving him money by showing them prepaid debit cards that had no balance on them.

    Investigators told WFTV that when Shane Clark, 22, walked into an Orange County Fifth Third Bank and tried to get $5,000 from a prepaid credit card with zero balance, bank tellers called 911.

    According to investigators, Clark was trying the scheme over and over again with stolen cards.

    According to arrest papers, he went to local banks, told tellers he was from out of town and collected money from prepaid NetSpend MasterCard credit cards. But, according to police reports, the cards had no value.

    Tellers at the bank recognized Clark from a bulletin, investigators said.

    Deputies believe Clark had accomplices who were able to get away.

    According to investigators, Clark told deputies he and the group had been to other local banks.

    Investigators said the group came to central Florida from Texas, where they were caught committing the same type of crime.

    Clark has bonded out of jail. Deputies have not found any accomplices.


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    Deputies: Group came to central Florida to steal from banks