Deputies: Inmate ran drug ring that smuggled fentanyl pills, meth from Mexico to Florida

A powerful, dangerous, and potentially deadly pill has surfaced in Volusia County. The drug, known as a "Super Blue" was just one of things found during a massive bust where 28 people were arrested today.

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — Volusia County deputies busted a major drug ring they say was moving close to 100 kilos of meth.

Investigators gave details Monday on how they uncovered the activity and how they say the ringleader was running it from behind bars.

Deputies said they've arrested 28 of the 38 people involved in the ring after closely monitoring the group's activities for a year.

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“This is going to cause a major disruption,” said Volusia County Sheriff, Mike Chitwood. “Not only on the westside of the county, but also on the east side. All of Volusia County.”

Deputies believed this network operated across state and international lines.

Federal agents worked with local deputies because they say the drugs were being shipped in from Mexico while the alleged ringleader orchestrated everything from his Georgia jail cell.

Volusia County body camera video shows deputies making arrests, as they worked to dismantle a massive drug ring.

So far, Operation Extended Stay rounded up close to 30 suspects.

In the past year alone, deputies said the group was moving pills and 200 pounds of crystal meth into Volusia County.

Detectives first learned about the ring when they seized drugs from a traffic stop in Daytona Beach shores last December.

Deputies said Jeffery White was running it all from his Georgia jail cell. The 42-year-old was serving 20 years on an assault charge.

Investigators said White smuggled phones into his cell and would give out orders to his girlfriend and tell her where to go, who to see and what to do.

Deputies said through the search warrants they executed last week they seized 20 pounds of meth, 327 fentanyl pills, five guns and $41,000 in cash.

Deputies said through this operation they found a new drug which they say is having devastating effects across the country.