• Deputies: Meth found during traffic stop, behind trap door in home


    POLK COUNTY, Fla. - The Polk County Sheriff said his deputies have made the biggest meth bust in the county's history.

    At a press conference Wednesday, Sheriff Grady Judd showed off more than 100 pounds of meth that was kept off the streets.

    The sheriff said deputies are trained to think of every traffic stop as an opportunity to find a narcotics transportation vehicle.

    He said drug operations ship their product on the same roads as legitimate companies, and in this case, some good detective work means a massive shipment will never be delivered.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, this is the largest seizure of ice in the history of Polk County and it all started with a simple traffic stop," said Judd.

    One-hundred and 10 pounds of meth, carefully packaged for distribution was taken in the bust. Investigators said it could have been sold on the streets for $10 million.

    "This is a pretty good sized operation. These folks knew what they were doing," said Judd.

    It started when an officer pulled over a Jeep Friday night in Frostproof. A run of the tag found the driver, Scott Eargood, had a suspended license and an outstanding warrant on a battery charge.

    But ultimately it was the car itself that the big catch.

    Detectives said they noticed something strange about the cargo area in the back of the jeep. Inside, they said they found a hydraulic door covering a compartment holding a half-pound of meth and $3,400 in cash.

    That led investigators to a home on North Platte Lane in Poinciana.

    "There was a very elaborate hiding place in the walls," said Judd.

    Judd said hidden in the walls behind the shower was millions in meth. He said the house was essentially a storage facility disguised to look like a home. Even the landlord who lives next door, suspected nothing.

    Investigators said they think the house was the midway point for the meth, which was likely made in Mexico, smuggled into the country, and destined for distribution throughout the southeast United States.

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    Deputies: Meth found during traffic stop, behind trap door in home