• Deputies search home of person of interest in elderly woman's slaying


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Less than three weeks ago, Juan Rosario was named a person of interest in last year's slaying of 83-year-old Elena Ortega.
    On Friday night, Channel 9's Renee Stoll received a tip that Orange County deputies were at Rosario's home, searching for something.
    Neighbors told Stoll they are pretty confident they know what investigators were searching for.
    "I'm guessing evidence of a murder or any kind of thing with the old lady that got murdered in the neighborhood," said resident Russell Johnson.
    Ortega was killed in her home, less than a mile from Rosario's house.
    Ortega's body was found burned inside her home in September. Investigators said she was slain before the fire was set.
    Rosario, 27, was just sentenced to 18 years in prison last month for a violent home invasion that happened months before Ortega's death, but on the same street where Ortega lived.
    Rosario's father waited outside as investigators searched the home and the backyard, where investigators pulled some evidence from a hole.
    "I just happened to look out and I'd seen all kinds of people out in the back and I started looking and I noticed deputies," said resident Harry Moon.
    Moon, head of the neighborhood watch program for the area, said he saw deputies dig a hole in the backyard and pull something out.
    "It was just like a white plastic bag, not real big," said Moon.
    Neighbors said deputies have been to Rosario's family's home several times recently.
    "They're just trying anything they possibly can to get anything from (Rosario's family)," said Johnson.

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    Deputies search home of person of interest in elderly woman's slaying