• Deputies: Stalking suspect threatened Orange County waitress with sexual assault


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - An Orange County man is out on bond, accused of stalking a waitress at a restaurant on International Drive.

    She told investigators the threats were so disturbing, she feared for her life as well as her daughter’s.

    The victim told investigators the harassment went on for at least two months.

    Investigators said after the content of previous letters she received, she was too scared to open the last one that arrived, so she gave it to them in a sandwich bag.

    Scott Goltry, 47, bonded out of jail Thursday morning after facing a judge on a felony charge of stalking with a credible threat.

    Goltry was a customer at the Twin Peaks restaurant on International Drive and a personal training client of one of the waitresses.

    The victim told authorities she considered Goltry a “lonely guy” and never considered dating him.

    Deputies said Goltry became jealous of her current boyfriend so the victim ended her friendship with the suspect.

    That’s when investigators said Goltry began sending the waitress pornographic letters detailing threats of sexual assault, making the victim fear for her safety.

    Investigators said Goltry admitted he paid an Internet company to find the waitress’ address and drove there to spy on her with a bowie knife and tire iron in his truck.

    Per his release, Goltry is not allowed to contact the victim or go to the restaurant.

    He was also ordered to turn in any firearms.

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