• Man accused of killing roommate recently admitted to mental health facility


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - An Orange County man accused of killing his roommate will face a judge Thursday, authorities said.

    Murder charges have since been bumped up to first-degree murder against 20-year-old Bryan Santana.

    Deputies were called to a home on North John Street near Kirkman Road and State Road 408 after John Heermance came home to find blood smears on the floor and hallway leading to his roommate's, 23-year-old Shelby Fazio, bedroom.

    Heermance told investigators that he arrived home from work and saw his other roommate, Santana, washing his hands in the bathroom.

    Heermance said the door to Fazio's room was locked, so he grabbed his cellphone and keys to leave and call 911, which is when Santana sprayed him in the face with pepper spray and charged at him with a knife.

    Heermance said he was able to knock the knife away from Santana and drive away from the scene, which is when he called 911 and met with deputies away from the scene.

    Deputies searching the home were seen pulling what appeared to be bloody clothing from a trash can.

    Authorities said Fazio was found in the bedroom with a ligature around her neck and stab wounds to her body. They said her body was abused after she was killed.

    Santana’s family said they had no idea what happened until Wednesday.

    They said last month, Santana admitted something was wrong and he was having ‘crazy thoughts’ about killing his mother.

    The family’s neighbors who know Santana were in disbelief.

    “I can’t believe he did something like that,” said Victor Soto, Santana’s mother and stepfather’s neighbor.

    Santana’s family said he asked for help a few weeks ago and voluntarily went to a mental health facility, where his family claims doctors said nothing was wrong.

    "I drive this way every day and as I said earlier, it was a normal day, no activity out of the ordinary," said neighbor Gail Pressley. "It's very sad. Very sad. And, I hope that whatever happens, whoever did it, [that] definitely justice will prevail."

    In an odd twist, the owner of a downtown Orlando barber shop said Santana came in after the grisly crime and got a haircut.

    "(He) said he was in a rush, was going to the movies with a hot girl," the owner told Channel 9.

    Channel 9 learned Santana called a friend at Valencia College, who then tipped off authorities that he was at the barbershop.

    Witnesses said Santana seemed calm at the shop until police arrived.

    "His eyes were big and (he) said, 'I'm going to jail,' so he knew it was over," the shop owner said.

    Authorities interviewed Santana, who they said confessed to the crime.

    He was charged with murder, and attempted murder for the alleged attack against Heermance.

    Santana is now under medical supervision at the Orange County Jail without bail.

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