• Deputies want to question man about suspected Publix voyeurism incident


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Deputies are searching for a man suspected of video voyeurism at an east Orange County Publix grocery store
    According to the Orange County Sheriff's Department, the victim in the incident was a teenage girl.
    Clear surveillance video from the Alafaya Trail store shows a man walking through the store. The man does not have a shopping cart or any groceries.

    First the man is seen walking down the freezer section of the grocery store. He is then seen walking to the magazine section, where he crouches down next to the young woman, who is wearing a skirt.

    "He is very close to the girl," said Orange County Sheriff's Detective Lourdes Clayton.
    According to sheriff's investigators, the man appears to place a small device on the ground, under the girl's skirt. A few seconds later the teen walked away from the man.

    The girl told police that she did not know the man and that his actions seemed suspicious to her.

     "You should feel safe walking through a supermarket and not having to worry about someone placing something under your skirt," said Clayton.

    Investigators said they want to identify the man and talk to him to find out what exactly he was doing. 
    They said they are not positive that the man was recording video or taking pictures, but they suspect that is what he might have been doing.
    Shoppers who spoke to Channel 9 were surprised at the story.

    "I can't find words to say, disgusting," said shopper James Lynch. "What is this world coming to?"

    "There are times when I'm shopping with my kids and they want to go look at the magazines while I run the last couple aisles," said shopper Sasha Fortna.

    Investigators said they don't recognize the man from any previous incidents.

    "Just be careful, especially if you have children with you. Keep them at your side and be aware of surrounding at all times," said Clayton.

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    Deputies want to question man about suspected Publix voyeurism incident