• Deputy says he took unprecedented measures to stop suspect in robbery, standoff, chase

    By: Jason Kelly , Myrt Price


    SUMTER COUNTY, Fla. - Deputies on Wednesday revealed new details about a man accused of an armed robbery that led to an hourslong standoff and chase Tuesday in Sumter County.

    Investigators said four deputies from two agencies shot at Brian Davis twice each as he drove away from a home in The Villages development.

    Sumter County Chief Deputy Gary Brannen said Davis demanded heroin as a stipulation of his peaceful surrender. The Sheriff's Office declined his offer.

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    "He was out of control," Brannen said. "He made up his mind. He was going to do everything possible not to go back to jail."

    Investigators said Davis robbed the manager of a country club and barricaded himself in a nearby home owned by his girlfriend's parents.

    "He was adamant that he was not going to surrender peacefully and that he was not going back to jail," Brannen said. "The only option he gave us was to go home and forget about it."

    Davis fled in a car that was parked in the home's garage, Brannen said.

    "Our BearCat tactical vehicle engaged him, rammed him and got him up on two wheels," he said. "He was able to right the vehicle, and he then came around one of our Tahoes that was blocking the road and there was a deputy on that side. And that deputy was nearly struck."

    Deputies said they shot at Davis' car, but he continued driving despite three of the car's tires being punctured by stop sticks.

    Investigators said they followed Davis to a pasture in Lake County.

    "That's when I gave the order to do something we never do here, which is ram his vehicle and stop him at all cost," Brannen said.

    Davis, who was previously convicted of more than 20 felonies, was arrested and jailed.

    "He was a clear and present danger to the community, and we did not want him to get out of that neighborhood," Brannen said. "We are happy with the outcome. We're not exactly happy with how we got to that outcome."

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