Detectives release interview with man accused of 9-year-old Orlando girl's death

VIDEO: Detectives release interview with man accused of 9-year-old Orlando girl??€™s death

ORLANDO, Fla. — For the first time, we're hearing from a man -- accused of murdering his 9-year-old niece -- explaining his side of the story to detectives.

That tense interview, conducted with a language barrier, speaks clearly about this case and one key piece of evidence: bleach.

Investigators said the little girl reeked of the chemical, and so did her uncle, Bertholet Fify.

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The girl's mother found her 9-year-old daughter dead Feb. 27, in their apartment near the Mall at Millenia in Orlando.

Investigators said the girl had foam coming out of her nose and mouth, and her upper body reeked of bleach.

Detectives question Fify just hours later and the interview was the most eye-opening piece of evidence.

Officer: Can you ask him why does he, why does he smell like bleach so much?

A translator then asked Fify the question in Creole.

Translator: He says he don't know.

Then, detectives ask Fify about the bleach stains on his shoes.

Translator: He says he got bleach on his shoes?

Officers: Yea, all over. Left, side, front.

Translator: He says if there's bleach, he may have came in contact with bleach when he picked up, picked her up and put her on the ground.

Officer: Well, he's only touched her ankle so that's not going to get bleach all over his feet.

Detectives sound skeptical during the interview.

Officer: How can we explain that Tayanah had bleach all over her, and he smells like bleach, and his shoes is covered in bleach?

Translator: He says he can't explain.

Four months later, officers arrested Fify. Orlando police said they were waiting on the cause of death, which investigators determined to be strangulation.

Fify's trial is set for next month.