• Man staying at Walt Disney World resort accused of credit card fraud

    By: Jeff Deal


    BAY LAKE, Fla. - Walt Disney World security helped the Secret Service arrest a man suspected in a credit card fraud operation who was staying in a resort on property, according to a criminal complaint. 

    Disney security officers saw a number of transactions on a card that had been used to check into a room at the Art of Animation resort and flagged them. 

    A guest had checked in for a two-week stay, and when security noticed the excessive purchases made on the card in the Disney Spring’s area—they went to the room to check it out. 

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    According to the Secret Service, the Disney security team went to the room in the “Cars” area of the resort, entering the room when no one answered. 

    Inside, Disney security found credit cards throughout the room, which prompted them to call the Secret Service. 

    Agents found around $5,000 in fraudulent purchases had been made on the one card used to check in to the room. 

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    Four men from Brazil showed up at the room while investigators were still there. 

    Agents saw a card encoder along with dozens of cards inside the luggage of a guest named Fabio Valdarnini.

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    Agents arrested Valdarnini. He is currently being held in the Orange County jail. 

    Investigators are now trying to figure out where the men have been before this, where they got the personal information and how many other victims are out there. 

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