• DNA evidence puts Daytona Beach rapist behind bars, police say


    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Daytona Beach Police said a rapist is off the streets Tuesday thanks to DNA evidence that linked him to a crime he committed 11 years ago.

    Channel 9 learned that a prostitution sting helped detectives get his DNA.

    Eleven years ago, a woman was beaten, robbed and sexually assaulted by two strangers.

    "She talks about playing dead because these guys had a discussion about killing her after they raped her," Chief Mike Chitwood of the Daytona Beach Police Department said.

    Tuesday the victim is finally getting some closure because police said one of her attackers, Carl Perdew, is behind bars after he was caught during a police prostitution sting.

    "There is dangerous scum that is patrolling the streets at night," Chitwood said.

    When police officers arrested Perdew for soliciting a prostitute, they took his DNA at the scene.

    Police said one Q-tip is all it took to solve the crime that police work could not solve 11 years ago.

    "It's DNA. It's the power of DNA, this incredible science that's emerging that allowed us to bring closure to this woman's life," Chitwood said.

    Even though DNA is the most powerful tool at law enforcement's fingertips, unlike fingerprints, DNA samples are still not being taken every time someone is booked in jail.

    Daytona Beach police are being proactive.

    Since a serial killer who targeted prostitutes is still on the loose, Daytona Beach police take a swab of each john they arrest in their sting operations.

    Police are still waiting and hoping for a match in that case that could help bring closure for four families.

    Tuesday, at least one victim is finally getting justice.

    "I would hope that she feels that law enforcement never gives up," Chitwood said.


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    DNA evidence puts Daytona Beach rapist behind bars, police say