Doctors at Nemours use video chat to help diagnose patients

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — As the flu continues to spread, a Central Florida Hospital is taking the worry away of children being more exposed to germs.

Nemours Children’s Hospital is offering video chats with doctors to help bypass the waiting rooms and other germs.

“If they have the symptoms that are consistent with the flu, that is the high fever, the headache, the cough, the nausea and you are pretty comfortable that this is flu, then you can treat without them leaving their home,” said Dr. Joanne Murren-Boezem, with Nemours Children’s Hospital.

People can download the Nemours CareConnect app and talk to a doctor 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which will allow face-to-face interaction.

“The first thing we as docs do when we see a child is, 'how do they look? Are they ill appearing? Are they toxic? Or are they well-appearing and smiling and wanting to play with us?" Murren-Boezem asked.

Channel 9's Sarahbeth Ackerman found out compared to last month, the CareConnect app saw a spike in video visits with 120 more patients in January than December.

There were 77 video visits over the weekend.

People don’t need to be a Nemours patient to use the app and pay for services.