• Family: Doctor admits shot toddler has brain activity


    OCOEE, Fla.,None - Family members are awaiting new neurological tests on a toddler who police said was accidentally shot by her cousin while she sat in another room of her home.

    Officials at Arnold Palmer Hospital declined to comment on the situation in which they claimed 2-year-old Kaylen Torres had died when she was actually still clinging on to life.

    Torres is still on life support Thursday after police said she was accidentally shot in the head inside her Ocoee home Monday.

    Police said Torres' cousin, 21-year-old Christian Galarza Rodriguez, accidentally shot her in the head. He was arrested on Tuesday on unrelated charges.

    On Tuesday, Ocoee police said the hospital announced the 2-year-old had died because doctors thought she was brain dead.

    But one of Torres' family members, Vanessa Sanchez, told WFTV that after that statement, the little girl started making subtle movements and showing signs of life.

    "We're seeing things that, wow there could be a miracle, something could happen," Sanchez said. "The doctor had apologized to the mother because they had made a big mistake."

    It's not just the hope of a miracle for Torres, it's what her family said they are seeing with their own eyes.

    "We tickle her feet, she responds to that, she moves her whole leg up," Sanchez said. "And I even personally got to touch her arm and she moves her shoulder up."

    The family told WFTV the hospital initially told Torres' parents that the toddler is brain dead.

    However, Wednesday evening, the family said a doctor admitted to them that Torres does have brain activity. The hospital has not confirmed that claim.

    "If her brain is dead, she wouldn't be responding to the tickles. They keep saying those are reflexes. Those are not reflexes," said Sanchez.

    Torres' parents may have to make a heartbreaking decision, but said they don't want to give up hope on their only child.

    "They're bad, sad, crying. But they're with hope that her life, we believe, is not completely over," said Sanchez. "She's only 2 years old. We don't want to give up."

    The family said Torres is undergoing some more tests.

    Torres' family said they had to retain an attorney to make sure the girl wasn't taken off life support.

    Meanwhile, Galarza-Rodriguez is being held on charges of giving a false name to police.

    Ocoee police said it will give the case to the State Attorney's Office.

    Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) is also investigating Galarza-Rodriguez's immigration status.

    Police said Galarza-Rodriguez may be charged with not being a U.S. citizen if he is in the country illegally, and may also face charges for having a gun.

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    Family: Doctor admits shot toddler has brain activity

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