Document: Girlfriend arrested in Orlando apartment shooting death, despite not firing gun

Video: Document: Girlfriend arrested in Orlando apartment shooting death, despite not firing gun
An arrest has been made in the shooting death of 23-year-old Darian Elwin, according to Orange County court documents.

ORLANDO, Fla. — Kayla Davis, 24, was charged with second-degree felony murder in the death of her boyfriend, Elwin, despite never firing a gun, documents said. A police spokesperson told Channel 9's Shannon Butler on Wednesday that Davis was involved in the home invasion when he was killed, which is why she was charged with felony murder.

According to the documents, the incident happened in June 2018 when Davis and Elwin went to the apartment of Marquel D'Quan Dock after repeatedly being told not to via cellphone by the residents.

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Davis told police she was a chef and was owed money from Dock for cooking meals at his home, which is why she went to his Central Station on Orange apartment.


The documents said Dock’s roommate, Terronce Pugh, gave her $500, but Dock still owed her $175.
Investigators said Davis and Elwin managed to get into the secured apartment complex, bypassing three key card entries, and confronted Dock inside his apartment.
According to the documents, Dock was armed with an AR-15 rifle, Elwin was armed with a handgun, and Davis was armed with a chef’s knife that she had left in Dock’s apartment.   
Dock claimed, “His girlfriend was holding a knife at me,“ one of the documents said.
The incident report said Dock repeatedly told the couple to “get out of my house,” but to no avail.
Pugh also pleaded for the couple to leave, but they would not, the documents said.
Davis claimed that she went into the kitchen to retrieve her cooking utensils and heard gunshots, the documents said.
Dock, who had Marine Corps training, said he saw Elwin’s demeanor change and believed he was going to open fire.
A detective asked Dock during an interview, “If you had not fired your weapon, what would you think would’ve happened?”
To which Dock replied, “I would’ve lost my life.”
Dock said he removed Elwin’s gun and unloaded it and pleaded with Davis to let him remove the body from the apartment. But Davis claims Dock’s brother removed the gun from Elwin’s waistband and pointed a gun to her head, the documents said.
Elwin’s body was removed from the apartment and two 911 calls were made: one by Davis and another by Dock.
The investigation found there were inconsistencies in Davis’ story about the knife and whether Elwin had a gun, documents said.
Also, according to the documents, Dock and Pugh received multiple phone calls from family and friends stating that Davis and Elwin were headed to his apartment, and they repeatedly told Davis and Elwin not to go.  
Dock said Davis threatened to “kick his door down,” the documents said.
According to the documents, investigators believe that “Dock was justified in his lethal use of force.”
Pugh told investigators neither he nor Dock let the couple into the apartment, and that it could have been Dock’s brother, D’Varis Bernard Roberts, who did so.